Present Students

Yongji Wu (Co-advised by Danyang Zhuo)

Future Students

PhD / MS

If you are already part of the Department of Computer Science (or Electrical and Computer Engineering) at Duke University, reach out to me via email. I'm happy to schedule some time to chat with you.

Otherwise, submitting a formal application to is a necessary first step. Please see Duke's Graduate School Application Instructions and Duke CS's Prospective Student Page for more details on how to apply. Please make sure to indicate me as a potential advisor on your application. In parallel with the application process, you are welcome to send me an email to introduce yourself; however, don't feel discouraged if I don't reply, since I may be delaying things on my end until the department's decison-making timeframe.


If you are currently an undergraduate at Duke, reach out to me via email. Please include a description of your interests along with a list of relevant courses that you have taken. It is helpful, but not necessary, if you have taken a course with me in the past.